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  • Wildlife of India
    Most wild animls find in india is aisatic lion ,bengal tiger,Indain white vulture, cobra,Red panda, cheetah, python, monitor Lizard.great Indian rhino,Indain corcodile, elephant, leopard,indain wolf,bengal fox,black buck,golden jackail,striped hyenia.500 species of big mamanel and 2000 species of birds. 105 wildlife sanctuary in india that covered 1.26 land surface area of India. Aisatic lion Aisatic lionContinue reading “Wildlife of India”
  • African snails dangerous
    African snail is also known as great giant land snail.achatina fulica snail is species of giant snail belong to Achatinodea . It big in size length 7.2 and height 2.7.Adult snail should be 32 gram. It need 24 to 30 degree of temperature. It placed under the tank . It life upto 6 to 10Continue reading “African snails dangerous”
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